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April 19, 2010|Jumada Awal 5, 1431

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Packets / Manuals

Halaqa Packet

Educating the Muslims on campus is one of the most important aspects of an MSA. This detailed packet gives you the basis on how to start a halaqa and gives you ideas for topics to use.

Downloads (HTML | PDF | DOC)

MSA WEST Action Manual

This was developed post 9-11 to give MSAs ideas on what to do in response to what happened. It is dated material but it does address issues such as the safety of Muslims on campus, and rallying against the war in Afghanistan that can be relevant to different issues.

Downloads (HTML | PDF | DOC)

MSA WEST Ramadan

MSA West developed this manual to give ideas on dawah activities to do during the month of Ramadan. Also includes a info sheet about Ramadan that you can use for handouts or dawah presentations.

Downloads (HTML | PDF | DOC)