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August 14, 2009  |  Sha'ban 22, 1430

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About Us

MSA West is an organization comprised of Muslim Student Associations (MSAs) representing campuses across the west coast, and is a council of MSA National.

We are a cohesive coalition of Muslim Students united for the sake of Allah (swt) who aim to embody the concepts of unity, strength, and activism. MSA West strives to establish Islam as the forefront of all movements by speaking the Truth, increasing awareness, dissolving stereotypes, resisting oppression, and strengthening the bond between Muslims worldwide— starting with our own campuses.

We aspire to increase the level of brotherhood and sisterhood in our communities as well as to outreach to neighboring Muslim and Non-Muslim communities. Members of MSA West aim to develop a greater understanding of Islam and to be well informed about current events facing the Muslim Ummah at large.

MSA West does this through establishing means of communication and networking for MSAs throughout the West Coast as well as coordinating collective events and activities that unify and empower the Muslim Students.