To develop MSA board members across the West Coast into Islamically literate, God-conscious and socially conscious servant-leaders who exhibit Prophetic character, unwavering principles, effective communication, creative resourcefulness, and are empowered to be catalysts for change in their MSAs and surrounding communities.


The mission of the MSA West Leadership Summit is to provide a high-quality, relevant, and free leadership development training for MSA Board Members across the West Coast in the areas of Spirituality/Personal Development, Leadership Skills, Internal MSA Affairs, and External MSA Affairs.


“The MSA West Leadership Summit was truly an amazing experience. There was so much information to prepare us for our roles as leaders in MSA. I loved meeting MSA members from all over California as we came together as one. We were able to learn and exchange ideas to help improve our MSAs. Thank you MSA West!”

“I loved the Leadership Summit! Even though the days were packed to the limit, my board and I managed to enjoy ourselves in the tremendous learning experience. I especially liked the emphasis on perspective of a Muslim leader, on compassion and unity, and the wide range of tools given to us. Bonding with other MSAs was a wonderful part of the summit and I learnt a lot from hearing their experiences. Here’s to many more such uniting leadership summits!”

“Truly empowering. A wonderful and beneficial experience. The chance to meet MSA board members across the state is very crucial in these rough times because we need to work together as an ummah and as students to help make our campuses safe for our religion. I would definitely do it again if I had the chance. JazakAllahu khair for all the hard work put into this event. The organizers truly deserve our respect and duas insh’Allah.”