If you are a board member or leader at your local MSA, join us at this year’s Servant Leader Summit, August 18-20th at MyDeen Center in Fresno, CA

Originally established in 2013, SLS is a 3-day retreat for board members of affiliated MSAs from across the state. The summit is a CA-wide event that brings together Muslim leaders from different campuses for a weekend of learning, collaboration, and preparation for the upcoming year. The purpose of the summit is to provide high-quality, relevant, and free leadership development training for MSA board members of MSA West-affiliated MSAs in the areas of spirituality, personal development, leadership skills, internal and external MSA affairs. The training will be provided over a weekend seminar in order to foster connections and networks between attendees to build a strong coalition of MSA servant-leaders.

The program is designed for MSA board members and will include several workshops led by alumni, community-building and MSA breakout sessions, and team-building exercises. You do NOT want to miss this chance to meet Muslim student leaders across the coast and learn about leadership in Islam in preparation for this upcoming year! In the past, the MSA boards that attended benefited immensely, especially when their entire boards came and attended too. Please try to have your entire board make it out as this is an important event that MSA West hosts to benefit you all as leaders inshaAllah.