Action Items:

  • Get involved in your local MSA
    1. If you aren’t involved already get involved!
    2. Create an MSA/MSU if you don’t have one already
  • Create safe spaces for MSA members
    1. When incidents like San Bernardino, Paris and others happen make sure to hold forum where members can voice their grievances, emotions and express their needs and voice their opinions on community events that the MSA holds.
      1. Having office hours or open door for board meetings also helps
    2. Throughout the year make sure that you are trying to be inclusive enough to different types of members. Make space for your members so that they feel comfortable within the MSA on campus
    3. For MSA leaders: ensure that your MSA members know that they can reach out to you for additional resources or support, constructive criticism, etc. Ensure you have those resources available for your board members or publicly on your website/FB page.
  • Making sure you are safe and other MSA members are safe
    1. Buddy systems
    2. Escorts
    3. Send out emails with on campus resources such as security helplines and buses that run late you can take
  • Work with campus administration to combat Islamophobia
    1. Set up meetings with the admin specifically in charge of student affairs
    2. Tell them your needs and provide them with written documentation of your concerns and your asks of them. Ensure that they have specific action items to do after your meeting. **Make sure to follow up with them**
  • Build coalitions
    1. Other student organizations are your allies (if you are also their allies in times of need)
    2. Do Islamophobia 101 events with other student clubs/groups on campus
    3. Organize and collaborate with other student clubs/groups
    4. When social justice issues come up that are important to other clubs make sure that you are present at their rallies, protests, and make statements of solidarity with them
    5. Attend their club meetings and just listen
  • Talk to your student government
    1. Let them know your concerns in weekly meetings, and individually. They are your representatives as students to admin.
    2. They can lobby for you to administration
    3. Try to get MSA members to be involved in student government
  • Report hate crimes to administration
    1. MSAs/Muslim students often times don’t do this so incidents go unnoticed by admin.
    2. Make sure to report incidents to campus, MESA coordinators, and CAIR.
    3. Report an incident to your local CAIR chapter here:
    4. Read how to report an incident to CAIR here: